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Ear, Nose, Throat, Sinus and

Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Treating Adults and Children

COVID - 19- update

We are now able to offer a full range of outpatient services, telephone consultations and surgery

For an appointment please call: 01494 267067 or email: secretary@aliq-ent.co.uk


Mr Ali Qureishi is a Consultant Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT) and Rhinoplasty Surgeon working in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

Locations and Availability

 Beech Rd, Oxford


01865 307777

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2 Foscote Rise


OX16 9XP

01295 252281


For Rhinoplasty/Septorhinoplasty Appointments only

107 Harley St, 



Telephone appointments available 

monday - friday


I first met the very friendly and professional 'Mr Qureishi' at the impressive and extremely efficient 'The New Foscote Hospital' in Banbury. During my examination and consultation all potential procedures were thoroughly explained and any resultant questions fully answered. I was given full written information relating to the chosen procedures together with any potential costs prior to any commitment on my part. I found the staff at the New Foscote Hospital extremely helpful, professional and efficient at all times together with Mr Qureishi's secretary 'Bouchra' who kept me fully updated in regard to timings, appointments and with any correspondence. I am delighted with the results of the surgery and would highly recommend Mr Qureishi - who filled me with confidence at our first meeting and who certainly did not disappoint..!!


Written by a private patient at The New Foscote Hospital

12th May 2021

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I could not fault anything about my treatment from Mr Qureishi, my whole experience was excellent. I visited because over the years I had lost my sense of smell. He was quick to identify I had serious sinusitis, nasal polyps, and a deviated septum. He took his time and explained very clearly how this was affecting my ability to smell. He gave me a treatment plan and offered a more long term solution involving surgery. After some thought I took the decision to go ahead with surgery, again this was all very well explained and he was easily contactable for any queries I had leading up to my surgery. The day of my surgery went very well, at no point was I unsure of anything, he took his time to explain everything on the day and provided me with a very detailed information document explaining everything to expect post surgery. In my first week of recovery I did have a few queries via email, to which he very promptly replied. Today I visited for my post surgery check up, I was very pleased to hear all was very well healed and give him the excellent news of my smell having returned. I do have to continue using medication long term, but this was explained at the onset. All in all I would highly recommend Mr Qureishi. Thank you

Written by a private patient at The New Foscote Hospital

6th May 2021

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I could not recommend Mr Qureishi any more. He is easy to speak with and makes sure you are happy every step of the way. Mr Qureishi performed surgery on my nose which now allows me to breath and looks perfect. Thank you!

Written by a private patient at The New Foscote Hospital

4th May 2021

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Mr Qureishi, is and has recently treated me and operated on me for my sinus problems, with which I have been suffering for for years. With all NHS appointments and operations being postponed I moved forward with Bupa for a private consultation with him. From the outset he was nothing but clear , professional, polite, and has a great manner. He comes across as confident and makes things clear and precise and is open and honest. He does not apply any pressure on you to have an operation but gives you the choices and risks. He is happy to answer any questions you have however small or what may seem silly or simple. Even with his busy schedule and I imagine stressful job and very responsible role. He maintains an air of calm and shows he is in control and appears thoughtful in his responses without assuming you know the medical details , as a layman. His explanations of any diagnosis, procedure and affects are detailed and clear and extremely helpful. Like anything you go through ups and downs Of anxiety with such decisions on operations and it’s risks. But he put me at ease and gave me a great level of confidence to go into theatre. I cannot express enough how impressive his knowledge and skill is. He talks highly of his team and colleagues and the medical team assisting with all process and procedures. He is assisted by Ms Bouchra Mamoun as his secretary whom without doubt provides excellent , support to him, she is polite, professional and very helpful. I would liege to say thank you to Mr Qureishi and his team all all through all of this , not sure you could call this a pleasurable experience . But it has been as good as it could be for a medical consultation and operation experience . Amazing to come across such a Professional in very aspect and such a brilliant team. Thank you

Written by a private patient at The Manor Hospital, Oxford

14th April 2021

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